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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Google Prepares To Launch Android TV


Google has plans for another smart TV product, according to a report in The Verge.
Apparently this set top box will be less ambitious and easier to use than one of the company’s previous initiatives, Google TV. In the words of Google documents that The Verge said it has obtained, “Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform.”
The idea is to give users a simple interface for accessing entertainment content and lightweight apps. The most distinctive feature, it seems, is a recommendation system that will suggest content to users as soon as they turn the device on.
There are no details about a launch date, but the documents suggest that Google is currently recruiting developers to build apps for Android TV. These plans shouldn’t affect Google Chromecast, another of the company’s efforts to build a TV platform.
The news comes just a few days after Amazon launched its own device, the Fire TV.
I’ve emailed Google for comment and will update if I hear back....
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Thursday, 26 December 2013

3 Ways to Look Like Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3

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So you have been struck by the cupid? Congratulations. How are those sleepless nights going mate? And what about the butterflies that flutter in your stomach every time you see her? We are assuming you are suffering from the ‘silent Romeo syndrome’. However, it is time to break the ice.
We have been doing some research and as expected a huge strength of girls have been going gaga over Amir’s new look in Dhoom 3. His jaw dropping new appearance has won him some hearts and many guys are craving to emulate that ultra cool look. So here we go with some essentials that you can own and woo your pretty crush with:
 The Hatter Look

Watching the trailers of Dhoom 3 you definitely can’t miss Amir Khan new look with a hat. Go buy yourself a smart fedora and exude the charisma like this famous movie star! That will surely pump up your mojo and grab eyeballs when you walk past her! Pair it with a Sport coat and funky loafers – you are done for the day boy.
The New Wallet In The Fashion World
We say take her out for coffee. Nothing too formal, just along with a couple of friends and while you are paying, flaunt your Dhoom 3 wallet ! There is a plethora of amazing wallets from Dhoom 3 merchandise that many online shopping stores are showcasing! These wallets come in different shapes and sizes along with a wide variety of colours to go with your different attires. Go ahead and pick the one that symbolizes your personality; this is surely going to leave a long lasting impression on her.
The cuff “link”

It is no mystery that girls love guys all dressed up in formal attire. So why not ditch your banal attire for a day and step out sporting a hot and refined look? Go ahead and buy yourself a crisp white shirt with a pair of men's chinos. However, if you wish to really make her fall for you – tag along a pair of sophisticated cuff links. You will find that a varied number of  Dhoom 3 cuff links are cropping up in the market as a part of Dhoom 3 accessories. Go through various portals and opt for a stylish one that will complete your Amir look and make you shine like a star.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

'The Walking Dead' at New York Comic-Con: Michael Cudlitz signs on and other casting news

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The Project: The Walking Dead
Panel: Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Steve Yuen, Lauren Cohan, Chad Coleman, Norman Reedus (armed with stuffed squirrels to throw to the audience), Gale Anne Hurd, and Dave Alpert
Footage screened: Producer Hurd introduced two never-before-seen clips from the fourth season — one at the start of the panel and one at the end. SPOILER ALERT! The first scene features Daryl (Reedus), Michonne (Gurira), and a new young male character armed but relaxing by an abandoned store in a former mall plaza. The newbie compliments Daryl, who is now part of the new council, and theorizes about Daryl’s former occupation prior to the Zombipocalypse. He guesses homicide cop, which amuses Michonne and Daryl — a rare moment of these two intense characters allowing themselves to laugh. The group is then met by Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Tyreese (Coleman), and newcomer Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) as they enter a store to take out the few remaining Walkers inside. But little do they know, the roof of the store is infested with Walkers spreading out from a crashed military helicopter.
The second sneak peek also stars Daryl and Michonne, this time in a car accompanied by Bob and Tyreese. As Daryl asks Michonne to put in a CD, they hear a faint voice coming from the radio. Daryl attempts to adjust the frequency to get a clearer signal but while doing so, almost hits a Walker in the road. Swerving away, Daryl dodges a scattering of Walkers that then turn into a herd. Before the crew can get rid of the infestation, they are surrounded by Walkers. This is no herd of ordinary Walkers — it’s the edge of a Walker army; hundreds are heading in their direction. Daryl quickly puts the car in reverse but a wheel gets stuck in a pile of fallen Walkers. Blood spatters and bones crush as the wheel cuts through the Walkers.
Snap judgment: The overwhelming fear of the Walkers is back — and it is good. After a third season featuring more human-on-human conflicts than human-on-undead confrontations, this season is a welcome return to the zombie portion of the Zombie Apocalypse.
Big revelations: Michael Cudlitz is “motherf—ing Abraham!” The Southland actor stormed up to the audience mic disguised as an angry fan, demanding showrunner Gimple include Sgt. Abraham Ford on the series. He then revealed his identity, in fully bearded and muscle-toned character. The producers also confirmed the casting of Christian Serratos (Twilight) as Rosita Espinosa and announced actor/comedian Josh McDermitt as Eugene, who, according to Nicotero, is sure to be “fully mulleted.”
Lincoln also teased a big moment for Rick’s son Carl (Chandler Riggs). “Chandler is going to kick ass. Wait for episode 9. There’s a spoiler. I don’t care. I’ve just said it,” said Lincoln. He later added that he was “so disturbed” and “shell-shocked” after reading the script for an episode later this season. ”I was trying to call everybody because I needed to speak to a human voice. We are going to get in so much trouble in this episode,” he said.
Latest Carol/Daryl and Richonne romance news: Moderator, Walking Dead super-fan, and Community co-star Yvette Nicole Brown shared that she is an unabashed Carol/Daryl shipper and is also excited by a possible Rick-Michonne romance. “You do know, Sarah Wayne Callies [who played Rick's wife Lori] will kick my ass if it happened in season four. Maybe after a couple more seasons,” said Lincoln. Reedus kept coy, quipping, “I’m practicing behind the scenes if you know what I’m talking about.”
Most incisive audience question: At first, one young male fan incurred boos from the panel after mentioning some fans’ dislike of Lori and Andrea. But he brought his question back around, asking about Carol’s development into a strong, female lead character. Gimble gave an insight into what we can expect from Carol. He said, “This season, we’ve seen her in the trailers teaching kids about knives. She had a daughter that died, and there’s a lot of kids in this prison now. She’s making sure that she herself is not a victim. She’s also making sure the kids aren’t victims.”

The Walking Dead returns tonight. And not only is it the first episode of season 4, but it will also mark the first episode of the Scott M. Gimple era. Gimple, a writer on the past two seasons of the AMC drama, replaces Glen Mazzara as showrunner. Mazzara, of course, himself replaced original showrunner Frank Darbaont. So there has been quite a bit of replacing going on. It’s kind of like a semi-famous Minneapolis punk band or a goofy Keanu Reeves movie.

It’s the question Norman Reedus gets asked more than any other: When is The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon going to fall in love? Or at least get a little action? Most of the romantic talk surrounding Daryl also involves Carol, and not just because their names are so gosh darn similar. Both are somewhat damaged characters who have leaned on each other during tough times. Reedus told EW that Daryl will, in fact, have a love interest in season 4, but it’s not whom you might expect. It’s…well, we’ll let Norman explain.

'The Walking Dead': Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan promise 'more loving, less shoving' for Glenn and Maggie

Their relationship was a shining beacon of hope in an otherwise depressing-as-hell zombie apocalypse. But then Maggie was forced to strip by the Governor, and then Glenn totally acted like a jerk about it. Love on the rocks! But by the end of season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Glenn gave Maggie a ring and the lovebirds were singing once again. So how are things when the action picks up in season 4 (which premieres Oct. 13)? Stars Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan talked about the couple’s future while taking a break from their insanely hot EW photo shoot. “If we could envision a smooth ride for Maggie and Glenn this season, I think it would involve less walkers and a honeymoon,” says Cohan. “But mostly I think they’re just glad to still be alive and have each other. There was a pact they made at the end of season 3 that is going to be really interesting this season.”

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

34% of Millennials Watch More Online Video Than TV

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A new survey by The New York Times shows that broadcast TV viewership appears to be waning generationally.
The study, released to Mashable, reports that roughly one in three Millennials watches less TV than online videos, or no TV at all. At the same time, 50% of surveyed 18- to 34-year-olds report watching video online at least once a day.
34% of surveyed millennials reported watching mostly online video or no broadcast TV, as opposed to equal amounts of TV and online video or only TV. Only 20% of Generation Xers and 10% of Baby Boomers reported the same preference for online videos.
Another blow for broadcast: 25% of online video viewers are watching less TV than they were a year ago, the survey reports.
When asked why they're watching more online video, 56% of Millennials said they could access what they wanted immediately, while 49% said they like being able to watch multiple episodes online. Another 44% said mobile devices allow video viewing in places and at times they can't with traditional TV.
The study also showed an increase in online video viewership. Of people who watch videos online, 84% reported watching the same amount or more than they did last year.
The study shows that online video viewers make online watching a habit. Fifty percent of Millennials who watch online videos said they did so at least once a day, and 89% reported watching online video at least weekly. 45% of Generation X and 36% of Boomer online video watchers tune in one or more times a day.

While watching online video seems to be a growing pasttime, there are still reasons some prefer more traditional television. The top reasons people watch TV: The screen size is better, it's more comfortable and it's better to watch with a group.
Watching online video also has its perks. When asked for reasons they watch, online video viewers cited immediate access, a customized experience and the ability to share with others.

The Times presented the research at the International News Media Association's Audience Summit in Las Vegas Thursday.
Do you prefer to watch broadcast TV or videos online? Let us know in the comments, below.
Images: Flickr, Doug Belshaw; The New York Times

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Top 15 Most Popular Game Websites For Downloading

Here are the 15 Most Popular Game Sites as derived from our eBizMBA Rank which is a constantly updated average of each website's Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast"*#*" Denotes an estimate for sites with limited Compete or Quantcast data. If you know a website that should be included on this list based on its traffic rankings Please Let Us Know.
the research is done by:- http://www.ebizmba.com
1 | Zynga163 - eBizMBA Rank | 27,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 47 - Compete Rank | 181 - Quantcast Rank | 260 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
2 | Pogo
251 - eBizMBA Rank | 16,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 69 - Compete Rank | 173 - Quantcast Rank | 511 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
3 | Yahoo! Games
279 - eBizMBA Rank | 16,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 98 - Compete Rank | *460* - Quantcast Rank | NA - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
4 | Y8
351 - eBizMBA Rank | 12,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 203 - Compete Rank | 589 - Quantcast Rank | 260 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
5 | BigFishGames
530 - eBizMBA Rank | 9,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 220 - Compete Rank | 392 - Quantcast Rank | 979 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
6 | MiniClip
572 - eBizMBA Rank | 8,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 604 - Compete Rank | *NA* - Quantcast Rank | 539 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
7 | AddictingGames
701 - eBizMBA Rank | 7,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 117 - Compete Rank | 557 - Quantcast Rank | 1,429 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
8 | Games
1,321 - eBizMBA Rank | 4,100,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 331 - Compete Rank | 915 - Quantcast Rank | 2,717 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
9 | GameHouse
1,380 - eBizMBA Rank | 4,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 289 - Compete Rank | 746 - Quantcast Rank | 3,106 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
10 | PopCap
1,501 - eBizMBA Rank | 3,900,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 491 - Compete Rank | 978 - Quantcast Rank | 3,033 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
11 | FOG
1,520 - eBizMBA Rank | 3,800,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 946 - Compete Rank | 1,677 - Quantcast Rank | 1,936 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
12 | Shockwave
1,696 - eBizMBA Rank | 3,700,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 373 - Compete Rank | *NA* - Quantcast Rank | 3,018 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
13 | Iplay
1,897 - eBizMBA Rank | 3,400,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 358 - Compete Rank | 652 - Quantcast Rank | 4,680 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
14 | FreeRideGames
2,688 - eBizMBA Rank | 2,200,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 562 - Compete Rank | 593 - Quantcast Rank | 6,910 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA
15 | Bored
3,706 - eBizMBA Rank | 1,200,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 782 - Compete Rank | 4,047 - Quantcast Rank | 6,289 - Alexa Rank.
Most Popular Game Websites | Updated 10/1/2013 | eBizMBA.
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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Aamir Khan beats kissing record of 7 minute.

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Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma have been paired up in Rajkumar Hirani's "Peekay". Apparently, the two share a sizzling kiss and it is said to be the longest kiss of Indian Cinema.

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Ram Leela (2013) Exclusive Trailer Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukon in full (HD)

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Ramleela is an upcoming 2013 Hindi romantic drama film directed and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone as the eponymous leads. The film is said to be an adaptation of Shakespeare's epic love story Romeo and Juliet, set in violent times. The film will be released on 15th November, 2013

Casting Stars...

  • Ranveer Singh as Ram
  • Deepika Padukone as Leela
  • Richa Chadda as Raseela
  • Gulshan Devaiah as Bhavani
  • Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh
  • Shweta Salve
  • Barkha Bisht Sengupta
  • Sharad Kelkar
  • Supriya Pathak
  • Priyanka Chopra (Special appearance in a song)

The brand new poster of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela featuring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone has a sense of déjà vu attached to its vivid imagery – for some reason it reminded us of the popular RK Films logo! This time though the passion that the lead pair shares is steaming hot!
We definitely liked the new poster of SLB’s latest high-glamour offering and can’t wait to find out what Ranveer and Deepika are up to in the film. Here’s a look at Ram Leela trailer!

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Dhoom 3 trailer full HD(exclusive)

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Intro :

If anyone rocks the bollywood its Aamir khan pal. He ain't no just a simple producer, or an actor, or a mastermind scriptwriter. He is that one in a billion genius guy. After  the action and pshyco thrilled Ghajni, and a lovely and emotional comedy film 3 Idiots,  he has come up again bringing to you a new taste, guess what - the adrenalin. Get thrilled peaple with this new Dhoom 3 trailer.

Plots and roles of Dhoom 3:

No much information has been given about the plot, but the movie is sequal.
Abhisekh Bachhan and Uday Chopra remains in  the previous role( Abhisekh as Jai Dixit and Uday as Ali Khan the biker and a small smuggler). It brings the Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif as the antagonist duo. Bipasa Basu as a second gang member( a pshyco one). And for the item dance part we have - Katrina Kaif, Kimberly DeJesus, and Jaquline Scislowski.

The item dance part of Dhoom 3:

Katrina Kaif( antagonist)

Kimberly DeJesus( as Jennifer)

And Jacqueline Scislowski( as a backup dancer)

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Krrish 3 (2013) First Official Exclusive Theatrical Trailer Full HD

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Krrish 3 official theatrical trailer (Exclusive) HD Video

First official trailer of Krish 3 is released on 5th August 2013. Krish 3 is the 3rd sequel of a movie after Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. Krrish 3 is an Bollywood superhero science fiction film. Both the previous movie Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish 3 have received blockbuster status on Box Office. The movie is scheduled to release during the Diwali festival, 2013. The movie is directed and produced by Rakesh Roshan.


Watch First Trailer Of Krrish 3

Krrish 3 (2013) first official trailer is released on 5th August 2013. The trailer of Krrish 3 is of length 2:15 min. You can watch and download the video of HD trailer of Krrish 3 at high resolution of 720p and 1080p from youtube and other official partner channel of the film .

Story behind the trailer of Krrish 3

The first official trailer of Krrish 3 is full of action and entertainment. The movie will continue the story from where it left on the movie Krrish 3. The Krrish 3 is the third movie of the Krrish film series. Vivek Oberoi played the role of a powerful villain on the movie.
In the movie Krrish 3, Vivek Oberoi is as a super villian, armed with high tech arms and powers. The plot of ‘Krrish 3’, as revealed in the trailer, is about Rohit Mehra(Krrish’s Father) discovered a secret formula with the help of his alien friend Jadoo (From Movie Koi Mil Gaya), which would help in giving a new lease of life to mankind. But to break Rohit’s plans, arrives the powerful villain (Vivek Oberoi), who is armed with high-tech arms and powers.
To fight the evil, Krrish blessed with superhuman powers comes to give rescue the world from Super Villian.The trailer also shows Kangana Ranaut jumping skyscrappers.  The film is due to release during the Diwali 2013.

Star Cast of Krrish 3

  • Hrithik Roshan as Krishna Mehra (Krrish) and Rohit Mehra
  • Priyanka Chopra as Priya Mehra
  • Vivek Oberoi as “Kaal” the antagonist
  • Kangna Ranaut as Kaya
  • Arif Zakaria as Nuclear Scientist
  • Shaurya Chauhan as the female antagonist
  • Archana Puran Singh as Priya Mehra’s boss
  • Rekha as Sonia Mehra (special appearance)
  • Vrajesh Hirjee

Stills from the Movie Krrish 3 (2013)

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